How to zoom in the Key and Drum editors?

Hi. I’m looking for a fast way to zoom in/out the Key and Drum editors.

The normal slow ways:

  1. Anything with a mouse. That includes clicking on the timeline and moving down to zoom in.
  2. Assigning Key Commands to Zoom Full, Zoom In, Zoom out. That’s better but still a bit time consuming.
  3. Zoom cycle marker. This may be better, but it requires you to set up all markers, and you are limited to 9 cycle markers in key commands.

The best way that works for me…but not in the Key or Drum editors:

Zoom presets 1 through 5. Sure you are limited to only 5 presets, but why is it applicable only to the project window and not the drum/key editors?

Does anyone have any other suggestions, without a mouse, that improve zoom workflow in the key and drum editors?

So I guess this is a feature request.

It could be. But first I want to air the issue to make sure there aren’t any clever or even obvious solutions I have overlooked.