How to zoom into Score Editor?

I am trying Cubase Elements 9 for the first time and I am working with the Score Editor, however I would like to zoom in so that it is bigger on my monitor. Unfortunately, I do not see any zoom option on the Score Editor itself, nor any reference to one in the manual. Can you help?


Hi and welcome,

Use the Zoom tool in the Score Editor.

Thank you for the response, Martin, however I do not see any zoom tool in the Score Editor. (See the attached screenshot)

I see zoom tools for other editors in Cubase, but none in the Score Editor. None shows up with a right-click either. Where is it?

That’s strange, I have it.

By the way it’s faster to use ctrl+mouse wheel for zooming in Cubase. Everywhere.

Ctrl+Mouse Wheel does not zoom the Score Editor. It was one of the first things I tried. Maybe there’s some kind of repair I can run on my installation?

Update: I ran the installation repair, but still no zoom tool for the Score Editor. :cry:

See attached screenshot, please.

I see, this seems to be Cubase Pro only. I’m sorry.

Thank you again for the info, Martin. Are you sure Score Editor zooming is disabled in Cubase Elements 9? Is this definitive? I need to know because I’m currently evaluating this software for purchase and this could be a deal-breaker.

I checked the feature comparison but there’s no mention of zooming of any kind:

However, I found this PDF feature comparison for Cubase 7 which specifically refers to Score Editor zooming being available in all versions:

Does this mean Steinberg took out Score Editor zooming in Cubase Elements 9 by design?

Thanks again for your help.

Maybe I’m missing something, but the PDF you linked to, states:-

Features Zoom Tool, Navigation controls, Page Setup - as being only available in the Scoring Features for ‘full’ Cubase 7 Edition.

It does seem, its likely always been a ‘full’ Cubase feature only.

You’re correct, Puma0382. I was reading the feature chart the in wrong direction. That answers my question. Thank you.