How to

I finally find out how to Solo a track and mute all other tracks with ctrl + solo. :blush:
But backwards to hear all tracks again
I must click on track to left + shift +right track :open_mouth:

There must be a faster easier way? :angry:
Checked in preferences but couldn´t find a solution

In Pro Tools you just click on solo, and one more time on solo and your back :slight_smile:

Not exactly sure if I understand, when you press Solo on a solo’d channel, you s_hould_ be back to no solo at all as long as no other channels are solo’d.

However, there are global solo/mute controls on top of arrange and mixer (possibly you don’t see it because it’s hidden). This one does the job (unsoloing, unmuting) with a single click.

That’s how most people do it in Cubase.

Same way.

Thanks Guys :smiley:
I found it, haven´t seen it for a long time
seems I´ve somehow have hidden it, but now it OK :blush:

Thanks again Guys for fast reply :smiley: