how too see my 3rd party wave samples in mediabay

how too see my 3rd party wave samples in mediabay? Cubase 8.5. When i select the folder mediabay shows no files

Try to reset the filters (category, style…) so that nothing is selected. Clear the search field, check the media type filter (audio, midi, loops…).
Make sure the checkbox next to your folder in location tree is ticked so it is included in mediabay database.
If you still cannot see your content, rightclick the folder and rescan.

Open Media Browser in Cubase (Tap F5)

In the very bottom left of the Media Bay window, click the “Set Up Window Layout” icon, or tap (shift F2).

Make sure there is a tick mark by “Define Locations”.

At this point you should see a directory tree in the left pane of Media Browser showing a directory tree.

The data base this represents points to different kinds of locations such as ‘physical devices/hard drives’, as well as things like VSTsound archives, ISO images of things like an AKAI or Roland sampler disk(Browsing a sampler disk image for importing might require Halion 5…not sure there, you might also need to put a tick mark by Sampler ISO disk images specifically to get them scanned. Note, quite few Sampler Disks can’t be scanned directly from the CD/DVD drive…you’ll need to make an ISO image first)…etc.

Orange tick marks mean there is a directory deeper in that branch that is scanned in the database.
White ticks mean everything from that level and lower is getting scanned.

Examine your tree structure to see how things are currently set up.

Just as an example:
Say you want to have a given directory full of samples show up in Media Bay.
Let’s imagine it is at “G:\User Samples\My Halion Stuff”

You’d just make sure there is a tick mark by that directory in the “File System” branch.

From now on CuBase will keep the relevant stuff in that folder in the Media Browser’s database. There you can do all sorts of ‘non destructive’ tagging in the Media Browser.

By ‘relevant stuff’ I mean it’ll look for audio files (wav or aiff), CuBase presets of all sorts and flavors, VSTsound archives, MIDI files, and the list goes on.

CuBase automatically scans and updates the database, but sometimes, if you need something right away and it’s not showing up, you’ll want to ‘force’ a disk or directory rescan. Right click in the directory tree to get the option to rescan.

As you get more familiar with Media Browser, you’ll start to see that unscanned directories are a different color from scanned ones. Sometimes they’ll blink, which means it is ‘being scanned’.

As things from your ‘file system’ are brought into the database, they’ll show up in the tree of database ‘nodes’ beneath the ‘file system’ node.

When the database is scanning, if it comes across relevant VSTsound or ISO images of sampler disks, it should also allow you to browse the actual contents of those archives down to the point that you might sometimes hit ‘locked layers’ (If a Preset or layer/zone inside it is ‘locked’ then you can’t see the samples inside).

With more practice, you’ll soon learn that you can also build various types of ‘location nodes’ to quickly filter down your searches to specific physical devices or directories. or even sets of 'archives, like VSTsound, or ISO images".

I hope this is helpful…really I think the best way to learn it is to just keep using it and trying things.

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Thank you both its working

Brian_Roland: Many tks, Brian, you’re a lifesaver.