How update old cubase to Cubase 10

Hello, I just bought an update to cubase 10 (i have cubase 7) and I don’t know how the update work.

More over I’m bewildered that Steinberg don’t explain. I made a serch in the help center and the manual and find nothing in that mater.

What happend to my old version ?
Does the installer remove it automaticaly ?
Does I have to do it myself ?
Does I have to keep the two versions ?
Is there something in my old cubase to make an update directly from it ?

Does just have to downlaod cubase 10 and install it and all is automatic ?

What about the e lieser ?
Does I have to do something ?

Old version. Stays installed and you can still use it.
Installer has readme file explaining what to do.
Install cubase by double clicking installer. Follow instructions.
Make sure you have your authentication code and Under the elicencer you should also see licence activation. Click on that and enter code and follow instructions. Your dongle has to be in your computer while doing this.
Once activated then you can use old and new versions. Once happy with 10 you can uninstall version 7

Thank you I didn’t think to seek there.
I’m going to process like you said now.


IS it possible to uninstall versions 9 and 9.5 while not hurting the Version 10 I have installed? Will uninstalling 9 and 9.5 hurt anything such as halion sonic se or groove agent se etc?

Each version is its own installation and they can be added and removed independently.

That said there is no really good reason to remove old versions as they don’t use that much space and you may find a plug you want to use (or something similar) that only works in the old version. Also you can run both at the same time which can be useful. And don’t you have something, anything, that you’d rather spend time on than removing old versions of Cubase - this is an occasion to let laziness prevail.

Just yesterday I fired up versions 8.5 through 10 to check on when some behavior in Cubase had changed. Ya never know when you might wanna…

I hear ya. Although a few years ago, I had 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, and 8.5 all together. Too many :slight_smile:

My collection typically includes the version of Cubase that was current when the computer was built and every version after that until the machine died. Repeat.