How use CUBASE with external controller like BCF 2000 to make LIVE

Hello everybody

I have just post a video to explain how configure external controllers like Behringer BCF 2000 to make LIVE .

Enjoy it :slight_smile:

BTW there is a BCF2000 virtual LCD app (BCFView) which can be installed and run in conjunction (on top) with Cubase. This will display the values and parameters.

And ?
I dont know why you post that …

I don’t speak French, so it’s a bit difficult to appreciate what you are doing with your setup work on YT?

Just thought it might be a helpful info for anyone interested.
As this bit of gear happens to be a legacy product i.e. obsolete, the availability of this app may not be very well known.
I happen to use the BCF2000 with Cubase AI on my Laptop for remote work and find the BCFView handy.