How well does Cubase 9 translate to Nuendo 7?

Ive recently gotten into film/game audio instead of music. I’ve used Pro Tools and ableton a lot before but Nuendo has caught my eye more recently. The tech advantages and compatibility of Nuendo seem to far outweigh Pro Tools, especially now that game audio has been streamlined with the middleware Wwise. I’m tempted to pickup the trial and try it out but it’s limited to 250 hours and I’m not sure if it limits any of the features either.

I’ve been doing some research and have read that Cubase is extremely close to Nuendo just without a few of the more advanced features that are directed towards film/media work. So If I tried Cubase 9 for awhile, how likely do you think the feel and workflow of it will translate into Nuendo? How close are the key-shortcuts, file management, I/O setup, automation, midi etc. etc.

Once I pull the trigger on the 250 hour trial I’d like to actually accomplish some stuff and utilize some of the more advanced features within the DAW without being stuck on the basics…