How Well Does Cubase6 Handle Audio Units?

Basically, my question is in the subject line… I prefer Audio Units as I typically use Logic Pro or Digital Performer 7…

I’m running Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 on a Mac Pro Dual Quad 2.8Ghz w/12 GB RAM.

Cubase does not handle AudioUnits at all natively (except maybe via wrapper, if that exists), Cubase handles VST.

Most 3rd party developers provide both AU and VST versions so it shouldn’t be a showstopper for you. You should take into account that anything of value that Logic and DP provides as plug-ins are proprietary. But for those AUs that you can’t live without (that aren’t proprietary), you might check out Plogue’s Bidule.

They provide an excellent wrapper (and a whole lot more) for both EFX and VSTi’s that works quite well in the Cubase envronment.

Thanks for the input guys! I’m still waiting for Cubase6 to arrive so hopefully I’ll have the chance to try out the Audio Unit/VST comparisons in the next few days.