How/When shall I receive the Cubase LE 12 upgrade from LE 11 e-licencer

Hello, I’ve got the same problem, I can’t find Cubase LE12 licence after buying a new Audient MKII ID14.

Greetings, I am struggling with the same problem unfortunately. I am even from the same country as the original author of this thread.

I use Cubase 11 AI, came with my UR22 MKII Audio Interface. Unable to move forward with 12 or 13.

So your help is much appreciated.

Hello, I’ve registered Cubase LE 11 in my account due to the purchase of the Audient Evo 4, but I can’t upgrade the license to Cubase LE 12.

Can you help me, please?

Thank you so much, I’ve received it in my account

Hello there. I own 10 LE AI Elements. Can I get the upgrade to the current version please? Or is it not possible?


Hi, Matthias,

I have an eLicense for an older lite OEM Cubase version that I’d like to upgrade to Cubase AI 13 if possible.
I believe this is the thread people get referred to as an appropriate place to submit a request.
Would it be possible for you to look into it?

Thank you very very much!
& Cheers!

Hi @Sorcery,

You already have a Cubase AI 13 license in your account. You can just open the Steinberg Download Assistant and install Cubase AI 13.

Hi @Matej_Biskup,

You have both a Cubase Elements 10 and a Cubase AI 7 version in your account. I have upgraded your AI version to the latest version. You can install Cubase AI 13 now right away. If you also want to update your Cubase Elements 10 to Cubase Elements 13, you can purchase an update for €29.99 at Cubase: Music Production Software - DAW | Steinberg

Hi there, i have a LE11 License - no Option shown to upgrade to 12 oder 13.

The Activation Manager does not show any Licenses at all.
The eLicenser Control Center shows the Licenses for Cubase LE and Sound Content for AI + LE.

Hi Matthias, I have Cubase LE/AI 9.5 and cubase 11 appears under ‘my products’ but i’m afraid to try it because of licensing/wiping off my libraries etc. Can you add the latest le/ai permissions to my account? that is if I do have an upgrade path from CB9.5 LE/AI. Thanks!

Hi, I have the same problem with Cubase 11 LE. I have v. 13 LE In Download asistant with my access code, but new generate aktivation code not funtcion and licence don’t atcivate.

“Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.”

And one question, is possible install on more my pc’s…?

@Mattropolis @Keid @Nowimusic The latest Cubase LE/AI is in your account now.

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Thanks so much, Matthias,

I did install it via Steinberg Download Assistant and v 13 is very cool indeed.

However this is apparently the LE 13 version (tested: max 16 audio tracks).

I was wondering what are the options for it to be upgraded to AI 13 if possible (32 audio tracks).

Thank you very very much!

& Cheers!

Hi @Sorcery, I’ve checked your account and there was only a Cubase LE 4 in there and no Cubase AI. There is no update for LE to AI, but there is currently an offer to update to Cubase Element 13 for just € 34,99.

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Hi @Matthias_Quellmann !
I have Cubase 11 LE and don’t see an option to upgrade to the current LE Version.
Can you please help me as well?


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Hi. It’s great to see a sign of life from Steinberg somewhere! I have been trying to contact Steinberg Support through my account for most of this year and they keep closing down my request and telling me to open another one if I still need help, only to close it again. I can see that you are actively helping people here so if you can help me out here I will physically shut down all my re-opened requests myself.

I have upgraded my computers this weekend trying to sort out licensing but I have 2 issues, I will try to be as clear and as brief as I can, as I have just recently re-registered one of my e-licensers and the date of activation has changed.

  1. I have 3 computers, 2 x wave lab LE and 2 x cubase LE from 2 devices. I am supposed to have 3 Cubase LE from a third device but I can’t get am e-license for it as Steinberg keep closing my requests. so I upgraded all 3 computers to try to benefit from Steinberg Licensing in the meantime. like many people here I didn’t get any upgrade voucher for Cubase 12 but I should have gotten 2. I did get 2 for wave lab LE and one for Wavelab cast, and for a few vst plugins which are all activated. could you check my account and sort this out for me please.

  2. long story short -
    I have 2 e-licensers activated on 1 dual-boot computer for Cubase LE. Activation manager failed to find a grace period update for both of the Cubase on both boot modes, and one shows it was activated in march 2022 and the other shows it was activated today because I re-registered an e-licenser to figure out how to upgrade the license. So I’ve gone from Cubase LE on 2 devices trying to get it to work on 3 - to having 2 instances stuck on 1 device to prove that I activated both LE 11’s originally when cubase 12 came out.
    So - if you could provide 3 LE vouchers for me then I won’t have to try and sort out the 3rd e-license if Steinberg stop closing my support tickets, and I can close down that constantly re-opened support ticket, as all e-icensers need to be activated and swapped over before early next year and I’m sure they are only going to get busier if this is how they are dealing with frantic customers for this year.
    One voucher will sort out my issue if it is spreadable across 3 computers, but as with Wavelab LE and Wavelab Cast - if I’m entitled to 2 (or 3) vouchers for Cubase LE (which I am) it should be reflected on my account in the same way as Wavelab LE is as I have 3 interfaces that all came with Cubase LE.

Thanks if you can I appreciate your efforts to help people through this forum.

EDIT - for reference I have Alesis, Zoom R8 and Zoom R24 interfaces but 2 versions of Cubase LE currently stuck on 1 computer with soft E-licenser until Steinberg Support stop closing my requests. :neutral_face:

Hi @Annette_Konneksian, I have placed two Cubase LE licenses in your Steinberg Licensing account. You can now just install Cubase LE 13 via the Steinberg Download Assistant on your various systems and it will automatically be activated on first launch.

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Hi Matthias - A thousand Thank yous for your help and assistance! Much appreciated.

I see the licenses and after installing 12 and 13 (just in case) 13 did activate one of the 2 licenses so I can see it works, many thanks.

Just having an issue with the download assistant and the activation manager on the other 2 computers but after I have slept of this issue I will look it up properly on the forums, but this one is fine. so I guess if I can’t fix it it is ok to use LE13 on this one and downgrade the other 2 computers back to LE11? I installed them manually and all programs work on the other 2 but it’s a fat lot of good if I can’t activate them with the manager. They just close because there is no activated licence.

I will figure it out after a good sleep - Gracias Senior Quellman :relieved: :+1: