How would I do "punch ins" in WL?

How would I do “punch ins in WL”. Yesterday I was doing a voice over for a client. The producer wanted me to do “punch ins” as we were recording. It is the first time I have been asked to do this in over 100 VO recordings. Thanks in advance for any help.

record straight into the montage, in the file properties for recording you can set it up to start/end recording between markers if you need it, that’ll be a “punch in, and out”

punch and roll, when you stop for the error, split the clip to delete the error put a marker in where you want audio to start recording again (unless you want to figure out your latency and press record yourself), if you do it that way you’ll have a lovely lot of markers for you to refer to of points to double check.
if you use lanes the clips can be chequerboarded if you want to tidy up later in a break rather than during record,