How would you deal with wind noise?

And I mean the kind of wind caused by weather patterns, not the kind half of you are thinking of.

Situation is, the band is playing outdoors on an occasionally windy day, bandmate’s zoom stereo recorder is set up over by the mixing tent. The zoom has no windscreen, is running with automatic leveling, and the resulting recording has short areas where the wind takes over, like a vocalist who pops. Since it’s automatic leveling, the music is pushed down a little in these sections. The peaks over the whole recording are always the wind.

What would you guys do? I think of leveling the volume to make it less annoying and trying to filter it out as best I can.

Why not take a feed from the board and not use the Zoom mic?

Yes, actually, it was connected with a feed from the board as well, but I guess the mixer never checked and it came in way too hot, and is totally distorted and unusable. The stereo mic tracks are all I have.

Aloha E,
Because it is already recorded this is a real tough one.

+1. That’s what I would do.

Be very very delicate.

I often use Adobe’s Audition for situations like this. You can take a “print” of the noise somewhere off the signal (like between songs), then Audition captures a signature, and separates it from the program material. Works pretty well in video soundtracks, which is what I use it for (Adobe Premiere Pro will send a track out to Audition, let you edit it, and like magic, it’s all set when you come back to Premier). :smiley:

Thanks, helpful. I will look into Adobe Audition.