How would you do this?

I have a nice pattern in Groove Agent I like. I set the Multi Outs and drop the pattern into Cubase. So it’s now happily playing with each drum on it’s own channel, the part is only actually on the main “Groove Agent” track but all the others are underneath and receiving on their individual outs so I can apply effects to each.
So far so good.

What I want to do is take the Hi Hat and have it drop an octave over 16 bars, I’ll then shift the whole part up an octave so the HH is dropping down over those intro bars to end up the pitch is should be for the rest of the song.
I’m sure there is some easy way to do this but I’ve tried tons of stuff and I’m getting nowhere.

I thought initially that I need an actual part for each kit piece so I tried Dissolve part but man that mad a complete mess! adding tons of tracks that I don’t recognise and I really think it must be easier than that!

Then I cut everything out of a copy of the part except the Hi Hat and rendered that. I tried putting it into a sampler track and doing it there but I can’t get a smooth transition, only a step one which is useless and again, seems a lot of work for what I’m trying to achieve.

I tried making a drum map, copy and pasting just that Bus (don’t think that can be done) and all sorts. I have a feeling I’ve wandered far away from the obvious solution.
I have a ton of plugins so I’m sure I must have something. I can’t think of a way of doing it in midi which is why of gone off at a tangent.

I’m overthinking this aren’t I?

How about automating the pitch of the HiHat sound?

Hello Riojabilly.
Yes - like st10ss said: go to GA > click the HighHat sound > right click the coarse button > select “open coarse automation lane”.
There you can write in the automation data for every pitch change you wanna have over the whole time of your tune…

Hi guys, thank you for this, can’t wait to try.
Sorry I didn’t respond earlier, Covid hit!

Get well soon!