how you guys deal with "channel select" and Mixer ?

im having real issues mixing with CC121, especially following MC(mix console) , i want CC121 follow MC channels, and only what presented there, no hidden tracks etc…
right now it follows the tracks/channels with project window, which confuses me a lot and irritating, the selection of tracks jumps in MC and i can’t follow it.
i dont need or want to link the project and MC all the time…!!

Same thing with CMC series. Very annoying.

mmm its really sucks… why there is no update and paying attention for this simple and essential thing ?
those are controllers for mixing so how come it doesn’t follow the mixer too ?? sometimes steiny has very strange decisions on their products functionality :unamused:


OK, so my work around was to make a Macro: F3, F3, Edit/Listen and assign it to a function key on the CC121. This hides the mixconsole, then brings it up again (bringing it into focus) and then the Listen command words. It’s annoying to have the mixer disappear and reappear like that, it’s better than mouse clicking. Thanks Lukas and good to have you on as a mod Steve.