How you know when you have a hit

…when your 3 year old demands whenever you’re in the car that you repeatedly play the song you’re currently working on over and over and over and…


Plus, Lenny, the female vocalist who I used to play with is ready to jump all over this. So maybe I’ll have my good vocal track after all.

Everyone else: it’ll remind you of old school Chicago to a certain degree while remaining within the soul / blues genre I’ve been gravitating toward lately. Other than that, you’re gonna hafta wait. :smiley:

Are you using child psychology on me? :slight_smile:

Da_m_n! Guess I blew my chance to sing on a big hit song. D’oh!!

Well that’s not why I said that. I said it more because you knew I was looking for someone, anyone other than me, to sing it. My post was more of an update than anything.


When I get 600,000 dollars from someone pirating it.

By the time all costs have been taken you’ll get about $1… just about the same as a record deal :laughing:

And make sure the cheque clears!



Do you still have ‘singing on other peoples songs’ issues Lenny? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would someone get this guy a song to sing on for Christ sake!!! Before the whole forum goes haywire!


In Lenny’s defense, I asked him if he was interested. But he has a packed schedule, and I didn’t want to add yet another thing for him to worry about.

I’m just happy. I’d love to think my voice sucks in the same way that Donald Fagen’s voice sucks enough to make him a multi-bajillionaire. My voice just sucks, so I’m glad that I found someone to sing on this tune.

The best songs are “always” written (composed) and/or produced by others’ so does that make sense?

The Dark Irish?? Could that be you, slummin’ again?? It hasn’t been the same around here without you to bust my …err…chops. :wink:

No need to worry about me, though. I’ve got enough songs to sing, thanks. :sunglasses: