How zero "event volume" (from .aaf "clip gain") all clips?

I’m getting .aaf files where video editors use clip gain for their rough mixes to dip for narration. My delivery specs requires me to have a non-dipped version. Thus I either have to automate “against” those dips (terrible workflow) or make them all zero.

When I select all events and insert “0” as a number as the “volume” they all shift by the same amount rather than reset to 0dB gain. Is there no way to get around this than to step through hundreds of events and do this manually for most of them?

PS: In PT during import you have the option of ignoring this information, or to translate it to volume automation (which we can then zero much more easily).

To set an absolute parameter for multiple events hold down CTRL (depending on your tool modifier preference) while pressing enter. For your example select all events you want to have the same volume, type in your value on the info line, and then CTRL+enter to set all events to that value.

EDIT: On my computer “ctrl” does the trick instead of “shift”.

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Doesn’t work. I just tried.

Event 1: -7.50,
Event 2: -13.00

Event 1: 0,
Event 2: -5.50

Preferences → Editing → Tool Modifiers → Info Line → All Events Same Value. CTRL it is! The same technique can be applied to other input areas e.g. event length, fades etc


Excellent tip, thanks for that!

With clips selected, will ctrl+click (cmd+click for me) not zero all clips? No need to enter a value.

Interesting that it is enter and that return doesn’t work. Very nice to have command+click on info line: Volume to reset to zero if you don’t want them all the same value.

Thanks for the help.