How2 post music on my website not using soundcloud etc.?

You guys that post your music directly on your websites, i.e., without links to soundclick and the like … how do you do that?


Thanks, Duck. I’m a little bit out of water when it comes to this stuff (get it? … out of water?? … that’s a DUCK JOKE!!) …

so I have to ask … how do you use the ftp? … do you direct inquiries from people who click on your site to some huge server somewhere … or are YOU the ftp end destination?

I hope those analogies fly (HAHAHA!)!

Thanks :mrgreen:

Oh brother. :unamused:

Well, let’s presume that you have a website. With that website there is an associated webspace: a place for you to actually put your files. Your host provides you with a login and password to access your account and your webspace via FTP, which allows you to upload your website files to your remote webspace, to be served as HTTP requests ( when someone on the internet requests your web page or website.

Well, sound files are just like any other files that can be served on the internet. You upload them to the server (your webspace), and then you leave links to your webspace and the file you want to serve to your cyberbuds.

You will/might need a program like CuteFTP or WSFTP to upload your files, and you will need webspace.

I hope this is clear enough for you.


Duck -

Thanks for taking time out to explain that, it was very helpful, it fit the bill perfectly. :smiley:

I’m actually pretty heavy into magical thinking, I didn’t actually realize ftp was the way that sort of thing worked. I’ve got some webspace, and was thinking about how nice it would be to have songs on a space I control rather than youtube or soundclick or something. Of course it will be harder to get rich and famous and have someone buy bagels and propofol for me to not be out there on youtube/soundclick etc., … but when it does happen - in gratitude for your explaining this, I’ll give up foi gras. :open_mouth:

I can build it for ya. :wink: :sunglasses:

Well, there’s an offer you can’t refuse! :smiley:

Hi JohnOnKeyz - thanks for the offer! visiting your websites - they look great, especially cool effects re: the hologram …!

I have a cousin who’s offered to do the same … if OK with you I’ll check in for advice along the way. Would you recommend any specific website or software package to do this?

Thanks again for that offer!

There are bunches of “players” both free and for cost… I am using one on my sound byte page . They are pretty simple to embed in a web page. This one I am using was $20 US. There is a free version which carries the developers brand… if you don’t care about that, then it as easy as dropping your media files in a folder via FTP, then your player page presents them.

Check out


Thanks :slight_smile:
First of all you’ll need to get a host to put your website on. The one I use is called JustHost [ ]. It’s got a lot of stuff that takes some time to figure out, but it does have some website builders that can get you up an running pretty quickly. They’ll help get your domain name set up as well. It is a monthly subscription, and you have to pay a block on a yearly basis. But still a decent price.

My hosting provider is top notch, and very reasonable… . Tell them I sent you! Servers are in Dallas Tx

Sometimes I wonder if people actually know how to read, or if they simply see what they want to see.

I’m leaning towards the latter… :unamused: :laughing:

So, in fact, he does not yet have one… but you think we cant read.

Ducks are attacking people, something that seems to have been popular lately. :laughing:

Sometimes things mean something different than what you expect them to mean. I posted that query because there is the chance that the domain is parked, and may need an actual host, and the pointing of the domain name to that host. Just as in programming a website, it is better to be certain of the basics, and work out from there.

No offense Alexis, but “having webspace” doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you name a domain, can direct me to a generic home page, and a control panel on the host that we can jump right into and start building.

I will repeat the quote a second time, so that you can see what an imbecile you are:

I don’t imagine you will be apologizing for trying to pass the buck and clearly missing the chronology of posts in this thread, and confusing their content.

So, in fact, he does have a webspace, which he said himself AND which I clearly quoted him as saying in my post. Maybe if you spent more time reading, and less time trying to take me down, you wouldn’t come off as such an idiot. Then again, perhaps you are unable to rise above that which you clearly are.

Apologies to Alexis for derailing his thread with this unnecessary nonsense.

Ceiling Duck, I had a PM with Alexis, and I got a different impression and a grateful response. Yes, I did miss that statement, but when I communicated privately, he indicated he did not actually have a host yet.

Apparently your lumping John in with me by your reckoning.

You are very free with insults, shows what you are all about. If we met face to face, I am sure you’d avoid calling me an idiot.

Enough said.

I went by what he said. You, in a message where he said “I’ve got webspace”, tried to avoid responsibility (and proving my point) by misdirection.

A statement of fact is not an insult. You were wrong, and you are not man enough to admit it. For the record, I called you an imbecile. Further proof of your dismal reading comprehension. I said you come off as an idiot, which you do.

I would have no problem calling you whatever I pleased during a face to face encounter. You are not man enough to admit when you are wrong.

Sorry for any confusion on my part regarding this thread - mea culpa for my role in ruffling any feathers, etc. (There I go again!! :laughing: :unamused: :laughing: ).

But, with that said, maybe the we can all be copasetic co-loungers again, and the mods won’t delete the thread. It has some good advice from a lot of people that I’d hate to see get lost.


Sometimes I wonder if people actually know how to read, or if they simply see what they want to see.

End of discussion, start of hostilities. Not nice, CD.

to get back to the point… you could also just put the compressed sound files (eg. mp3 128 Stereo) in a folder on the server where your website is hosted and just link (hyperlink) the file on the website. When you click on the hyperlink the sound file will start playing (streaming) to your local (Media) Player.