Howlin' (Goodnight)

Great quality recording - and nice drumming. Sounded like a lot of fun; I enjoyed listening.


Thanks this was a hoax to make it sound like a live show poking fun at a new aspiring guitarist. This was recorded in my home studio and not live although all of the instruments are acoustic (not inside the box and were mic’d) and were played. We were trying to make it sound like a house mix at a small club.


didnt fool me for a minute , the introduction guy just didnt sound convincing enough, and the guitar bum notes sounded too forced but nice zappaish concept , good recording as usual,drums sounded a tad fizzy up top but dont know if this was on purpose again .

Congrats you were the first so far who thought it was fake…perhaps I shouldn’t have given it away until more listened.
and for the record I hate Zappa! :slight_smile: Curious though as how you would have made it more realistic as that was a real novice playing? He knew it sucked but that was the joke!

there probably wouldn`t have been so much separation of instruments (spill) if you could hear the audience so loud while the band was playing , you would hear tell tale signs on the crowd mics or vocal mic ,the instruments would sound more stretched and ambient , the mc sounded too fresh and full of energy for a song which i presume would be later in the set due to the introductions . i dunno

Like I said, you were the first to tell me it was clear as day it was fabricated. Curious if you listened to it with headphones? I’m kind of suspicious if I hadn’t said this was fabricated if anyone would have made the same sticking points. Regardless, would love more input and I would be real interested to hear how you (or others) would have (or have) done it! Give it a shot if you have time.

i might try playing back the mix through the studio monitors or better in a big room and record what comes out of the speakers to a stereo walkman or similar and then add that to the mix see what it sounds like, i dont know ive never tried to fake a live gig sound. after all this your gonna say that it was a live gig. lol

Unfortunately the challenge was I had only a small studio to recreate the intended environment. Thanks for your input

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