How's 7.5 running on new iMacs / Mavericks?

Hi folks,

I’m going to be moving x-country and might sell my old Mac Pro + monitor and grab one of the new iMacs in my new location (along with selling some of my other gear in general). How does Cubase 7.5 run on the new iMacs? Anybody running it with the Fusion Drive? I’ve heard that causes issues sometimes? Is Mavericks working well with Cubase yet?

Thanks all!

Aloha C, and thanks for the post.

I have not heard/read that.

But it makes sense because the ‘Fusion Drive’
is constantly trying to move ‘frequently used items’ to the SSD part of the drive.

Depending on what the ‘Fusion Drive’ deems as:
‘Frequently Used’, I can definatly see this being a potential prob
when using a DAW.

Can you provide us a link?

TIA (thanks in advance)

Check this thread out:


i found an article from a little more than a year ago about this problem.

The resume is pretty conclusive IMO.

But i´ve heard from other people using a different DAW they´ve no problem at all using
a FusionDrive.

The German computer magazine CT ran some test,i can´t provide a link…sorry,w/ FusionDrives
and they literally said,as a FusionDrive are 2 HDD/SSD combined into one w/ no individual
access to either the HDD or the SSD, if one fails you´re out of luck (actually they used a curse word here :wink: )
The whole system will break down and the chance to recover is almost zero beside
you´re spending a big money on it.

I rather spend money on a SDD for the OS & apps and an external drive for storage then rely
on a system which decides for itself where it´ll store my data.

Hope this helps.

PS: if i find a link i´ll post it asap.

Aloha C and thanks.

Interesting (and long) thread with no real solution other than to stay away
from Fusion Drives when using a DAW
and be very mindful of USB 2/USB 3 compatibilities.

Perhaps 10.9.1 will fix some stuff.


Just thought I’d add my real-world experience to this…

I have been a Cubase user since the Atari days, working through Cubase VST on PC to 5, 6, 7 and now 7.5.

I had to rationalise and simplify my home recording setup last year. I had been using a built-for-audio PC - i7 3.4 gHz, 32 GB, fast 250 GB SSD for OS and 3 x 1TB 7200 rpm SATA II HDDs for audio, samples and ‘other stuff’. Not the best PC in the world but pretty good nonetheless. There was nothing on the PC other than audio software - no internet connection - nothing to ‘contaminate’ it. As you might expect, it ran Cubase just fine and I never once had a problem.

Because of other interests I had long been interested in switching to a Mac. I no longer had the time, space or energy to run different computers for different tasks so looked apprehensively at the 2012 iMacs as an all-in-one solution. I was planning to buy a 27" iMac with i7 CPU and basically max it out, even though it was eye-wateringly expensive compared to building a PC to the same spec.


An almost-new 2012 iMac appeared locally on eBay at a great price and I snapped it up. The spec was not as I wanted but I thought I’d give it a go and sell it on if it didn’t work out. The spec: 21" screen, i5 2.9 gHz CPU, 16 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD + 1TB HDD ‘Fusion Drive’. It now has Mavericks installed.

I’ve been running this setup for about 10 months now and can report ZERO issues.

I use a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface and typically about 16 midi tracks utilising Halion 4 and NI Komplete 9, about 10 stereo audio tracks (vox, guitars, etc) and various other VSTs (PPG Wave, Oddity, etc).

The only compromise I’ve had to make is using a small external USB 3 HDD for my sample library as Komplete is about 400 GB by itself!

The whole lot is backed up to a 2TB Apple Time Capsule which runs in the background brilliantly. I never found a backup solution I was happy with in Windows…

Totally against my old ‘standalone PC for music only’ principles, the iMac is connected to the internet, runs iTunes in the background (serving Apple TVs and music to an Airport Express in the kitchen!) and never skips a beat, literally.

Some say that Cubase runs better on a PC than Mac but I don’t see a difference here. The only issues I’ve noted is that the CPU / ASIO light peaks sometimes when I hit ‘play’ and that I can’t get the ‘information line’ to go away. Hardly show-stopping problems.

No doubt that I am not a power-user compared to some here and my setup could only be considered a ‘good’ hobbyist studio at best. I do think though that computers have come on so much since the ‘old’ days of dedicated HDD, non-networked machines - my little iMac has worked perfectly and elegantly.

I’m sure there are reams of specs, stats and reviews that contradict me but here in the (my) real world I’m getting on making music. iMacs are obviously not perfect but I am so glad I’ve left Windows behind (I do still keep a Win 8 i7 laptop for live use until I can afford a MacBook…) and am very much enjoying the uncluttered, streamlined, quiet machine that sits on my desk.

hi, i dont know about imacs or macbooks, i run cubase on mac pro, also on maverics, without general issues. There are always some design choises in the DAW, but it has never stopped me from making and producing music.

I have also used Cubase since amiga cubase version 1.- something, then on mac quadra, power mac, G4, G5 and now 7.5 on mac pro. Cubase has always been stable for me. I have never concidered moving to PC because i always have had enough power and stability in the macs ive used. I generally use less than 50 tracks on a song and im pretty sure any new mac can run cubase great. hj

I am one in that large thread who has been thru 2 new Imacs, we are not talking about older models, these are the brand new Haswell Imacs.

fusion drive had major issues and i sent it back and now am dead in the water with my apogee symphony and USB2/3 issues with the new Imac with an internal SSD drive

this is only being erported so far on the brand new Imacs, however it will be very interesting to see if the new mac pro’s have the same issues. this is also not just an apogee issue asn others in that thread with other interfaces are also reporting issues.

my apogee support ticket is still being worked on and apogee and apple are supposedly working together to come up with a fix

Wow, I just skimmed through that thread. That sucks.

I listened to the Soundcloud example of the distortion people are suffering and it brought back memories…

When I installed Mavericks on my iMac I, and many others, couldn’t open the Focusrite MixControl software for the Scarlett interface without it crashing.
Focusrite initially advised uninstalling their own driver and using Apple’s own class-compliant driver - that brought the exact same audio distortion as in the Soundcloud clip. Rolling back to the original Focusrite driver or using one of their beta drivers sorted out the problem - no more distortion.
Focusrite still, to my knowledge, haven’t sorted their MixControl software with Mavericks but at least the Scarlett works OK - no distortion or popping at all.

I’m in the market to upgrade my imac and have spent the last few days reading many threads on the audio issues with the new mid 2013 iMacs, I’m not sure if it’s a fusion drive issue or perhaps a Haswell issue. I’m tempted to pick up an imac with SSD but I’ve also read elsewhere that this doesn’t make any difference either. I’m going to wait a little longer before ordering to see how this pans out

mmmm all this concerns me as Im about get an SSHD installed into my iMac!

I have the latest iMac i7 with 3tb Fusion drive.

I start having major audio problems when updating to OS X 10.9.1.

Then I heard that the next OS update have fixed the problems. So I found a way to download the OsX 10.9.2 developer pre-release installer. Just install it and voilà, problems gone. (for me)

That’s encouraging

Which audio device do you use?

have you got a link for 10.9.2 Bfred?

I’ve a test drive on a Mac Pro. Cubase runs without glitches. It only crashes when I quit it. The crash report relates to the EUCON protocol. Hope that gets fixed.

I’m running cubase 7.5 on Mac OS 10.6.8 without issues because kontakt 5.3.0 is highly unstable under mavericks when running lots of sample libraries.

I believe for $99. a year you can be listed by Apple as a ‘developer’
and get access to all kinds of pre-released stuff that way.

I did it for one or two years but found it to be non useful in day to day studio operations.
Also there is an NDA (non-dislosure agreement)

Aloha s,
That’s amazing!

I have 7.5 running in a live situation using 10.7.5
and it works just fine but using it with 10.6.8 is simply amazing.

Seems C7.5 runs on 10.6/10.7/10.8 and 10.9.
Go Steiny.

I don’t remember where I found it.Looking for the file OS X 10.9.2 Combo Update (13C32).
But if you really don’t found it I could send it to you.

It’s in my signature. Apogee Ensemble. But I sometimes work with an old M-Audio firewire solo.