How's Dorico on Ultrawide monitor? 21:9

I’m pondering getting me a 21:9 ultra widescreen monitor (3440 x 1440 res). Can anyone who has used Dorico in a 21:9 setting offer some brief comments on how well Dorico uses this space, and any tricks you’ve found for window layout?

Perhaps also if anyone running such a setup would be willing to provide a screenshot or two, especially if you have made a custom window layout, that would be so lovely!

I don’t have one, but generally, I would say that this aspect ratio is less suited to notation purposes. In landscape position it will shine with small ensembles in Galley view, but in portrait orientation it becomes too narrow to take advantage of the overall resolution for Page view. Better to go for 4K… Just my 2 c. …

Thanks for your quick reply fratveno - you’re always incredibly helpful here, a major asset to the community for sure.

The monitor I was looking at doesn’t swivel into portrait mode, so I never really considered that, but I definitely see your point.

I see you also use Cubase, any comments on how 21:9 vs 16:9 there?

Ultra wide screen does make sense if you open two windows of your Dorico project next to each other.

Thanks for you support BachN4th! k_b has a good point, if you don’t work with large scores, it’s definitely better on your neck to have the windows side by side :slight_smile:

I’m mostly into full orchestral scores myself, so I always strive for a maximum of real estate, so that I can view the whole score, top to bottom, without scrolling or zooming. I’m including a shot of my monitor setup. All monitors is at native resolution, so it makes it easy to compare the relative size. No.1 is a 4K, no.2 is a “2K” (1440 x 2560) and 3 and 4 are FHD.

Yes, I’m a Cubase user, but I must admit I have never explored all its features. It’s extremely deep and user configurable, and I think the window handling isn’t the most intuitive part of it, but again, I think you will be happiest with the highest possible number of pixels…

With all those monitors, what kind of computer/video card(s) do you use to drive them all?

I have imagined pairing my next desktop with a 40" 4K monitor in landscape to show 17x11" pages vertically at actual size but wonder how much display capability I will need to manage that.

Any chance we could see an actual picture of your desk? That setup looks amazing!

So much good info again, that screen real estate comparison is very helpful. I went ahead and got a ultra wide, knowing full well that it would probably end up going back to the store, but I wanted to give it a try. (I’m a horrible person and I also game on my music PCs, so I kinda wanted to see how it was on the gaming side of things as well.)

I’m a large orchestral score person as well, so useable vertical space is going to be a big factor for me.

Does the Dorico UI scale well at 4k? I’m kindof debating now between 2k or 4k.

One thing that would be incredibly helpful, if anyone has the time, would be a screenshot of dorico in portrait and landscape modes at 4k that I can view on the monitors in the store.


I use a Dell 34" monitor (3440 x 1440 pixels) on a iMac (and W10).
With Dorico it works fine: see screen shot.
The pages are almost A4 size (at 150%).
On the Mac screen I can extra open other windows (Layout - Engrave - Notation Options)

Cheers, Jack

My video card, driving the UHDs is called NVIDIA Quadro K2000. It’s something I was recommended several years ago for driving 3 4Ks. My variety has dual displayport (if you have more than 2 monitors you have to daisy-chain 2 of them). The HD displays are simply connected with addtional USB adapters. The computer is just a stock i7, and not the latest model. New computers will probably drive this setup without any problems right of the box. That is, as long as you are not into video and have high refresh/framerate requirements :slight_smile: The 4K is only 28". That’s my limit for my vertical neck movement, with a eye to monitor distance of approx. 3 feet.

Here’s a dump of a portrait. There is an older thread about this and UHD scaling, but I couldn’t find it just now… There’s no scaling involved here as I have the desktop at 100%. I can’t reorientate atm as I’m working on a rush project and it would imply that all my neatly placed shortscuts on the desktop would move :slight_smile:

So a related question for you, fratveno (or others). I’m trying a 2 monitor setup, one landscape one portrait. Is there any way to get dorico to remember the window sizes and positions across the 2 screens?

Experimenting with a full score page view on the portrait, and Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, and Strings tabs on the landscape.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised that when I clicked “move tab to new window” that they still remained linked.

Sure, all window positions and sizes are remembered automatically. I haven’t used separate tabs much, but vaguely remember that the tabs position was remembered, while in that case its parent window was not… will have to double check that though…