How's the mix??

Been mixing this track all day, could do with a fresh pair of ears on it. Think I’m getting close but I’m tired :open_mouth:
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Mix sounds fine to me but on a forum full of audiophiles everyone is gonna have a different take on it…
radio ready as far as I’m concerned…

is this an original song :question: written by you,or just a remix…It’s not that clear from your post… :slight_smile:

Kevin :slight_smile:

Sound great on my earbuds. Will have to listen on my studio monitors later. So far so good.

Hi just listened on an old hi fi, nice mix ,all parts seemed nicely balanced ,might be just lacking some overall mid, great tune :sunglasses: has a nile rodgers/sophie ellis bexter feel if there was a rhythm guitar in there.i hope you wrote it ,sounds like an hit .

To my (not professional) ears also nice sounding mix, everything is in his own place. But at 5:06 the volume of vocals goes down a little bit…when she sings “to know you”…and also at 5:15…? Like something triggers the compressor on vocal bus or 2bus. Or are my ears fooling me…

Song reminds me The Cardigans a little bit.