How's this mix souding?

any and all feedback is much appreciated!

(edited to remove stupid rap part) :mrgreen:

Great recording. Very clear piano and great guitar playing that combines beautiful with the voices. Michael.

Very nice song, the melodies are catchy and the instruments fill out the sound nicely. I thought the recording was good but lacked a little clarity. I don’t know if it’s just mastering or possibly the type of reverbs muddying up parts. I think the 3:38 section would alienate listeners of the genre as that section just sounds completely alien itself to the rest of the song. I enjoyed the song, but I’d have either liked a repeat chorus or fadeout on the piano hook. Other than that, quite an enjoyable song.

I agree. Not sure why I wanted to rap so bad. I’m over it. Here’s the new mix:

Thanks alll!

yes love it ,a very busy mix but it works and you dont lose focus of the vocals ,wish i could mix like that ,its like phil spectors wall of sound ,great voice , nice one.

I thought the mix sounded fat and punchy. The drums had power, the vocals stood out without burying the guitars, piano, and keys. Nice job.

Good song and interesting mix…something bothers me around the 2 min mark…something seems to be a bit out of tune…is it reverb from another instrument or what…dunno but definitely gets in the way IMHO…but it’s a good song and worth tidying up, which is basically a criticism that comes my way when I upload a song, Kevin

It sounds great now without the rap part. :smiley: Very well written and performed, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed listening. Which reverbs are you using for the song?

Thanks brother! And thanks all for the feedback. I just used the reverbs that come with Cubase 5. I’ll cut you all in when this song sells a million copies. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, well you should really invest in QL Spaces reverb (especially if you catch it at a 50% off sale, it’d give much more clarity to your songs and since I enjoyed the song so much I’d really like you to do just that. My own music sounded pretty muddy when I was using the Cubase reverbs. QL Spaces has a 10 day trial for free so at least try it out. They use impulses from top New York, LA studios etc. There are also some kind of mini-tutorials on Youtube. You have to add it to your basket, but it doesn’t charge you anything and then you get the download link in your e-mail.

It’s produced by Nick Phoenix from Two Steps From Hell if you know them.

I’m pretty sure the muddiness/bandwidth issue is partly a YouTube encoding thing.

Although I do agree the mix is a bit muddy, that shouldn’t be too hard to fix; just sculpt some things out. Having said that, the bass is sitting nicely. Not sure you need the sound FX during the music, it’s not helping with clarity. Also… I’m finding the top end to be very trebly/digital/brittle, not natural the way I like it.

The song is great :sunglasses: