howto add space to the left of a given staff in page view

In the score of a AABA jazz tune, the A sections A1 & A2 are each terminated with two different bars, notated with a 1____ line and a 2___ line, which is very typical of many jazz tunes

In order to ease the reading of the score, I’d like that in page view (and their printed outputs) the 2___ bars to be on a separate staff, which which is vertically aligned with the beginning of the 1____ line appearing in the right above staff.

Put another way I’'d like to create a staff with only 2 bars, with an adjustable space to its left, sort of indenting it and only it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Go into engrave mode, turn on the note spacing tool, and then select the large handle in the upper left corner of the stave to nudge the whole stave.

Thanks for your reply …

That’s what I found in the documentation and tried before posting here, but it didn’t work

What I did in Engrave mode, page view

  1. left click the handle : it gets full and darker

  2. still clicked, move the mouse to the right: nothing happens

  3. handle still selected , I tried using the numeric pad right arrow, which didn’t work either.

From your included video, it seems that the cursor doesn’t move so you likely don’t use the mouse to move the handle.

You HAVE to use the keyboard. You cannot use the mouse.

Nudge using Alt-arrow for small change, and Ctrl-Alt-arrow for a larger change.

That works OK, thanks …

the ALT-key is quite essential in Dorico’s philosophy. It is the one that enables you to change things.
Or to put it the other way round, without the ALT-key it is hard to change things.

Thanks for this sign post along the Dorico learning road

Does anyone have a document that summarizes the uses of the ALT key?

No, but I’ll have a go at explaining:

From an existing selection, the arrow keys move the selection up/down/left/right, regardless of what mode you’re in:

From an existing selection, the arrow keys plus Alt adjust the selected item (or handle) up/down/left/right, regardless of what mode you’re in:

Note that in modes where only vertical movement is possible, the Left Arrow can be used instead of the Down Arrow, and the Right Arrow can be used instead of the Up Arrow. In modes where only lateral movement is possible, the Up Arrow can be used instead of the Right Arrow, and the Down Arrow can be used instead of the Left Arrow.

Within Engrave mode, the arrow keys plus Alt plus Ctrl/Cmd results in larger movements:

I’ve got this far, so I might as well continue:

Shift plus the Arrow Keys extends the selection:

(It turns out there’s a glitch in my key-logging software, but trust me, that’s Shift+Arrows!)

Shift plus Alt plus the Arrow Keys extends or retracts the selected item(s), in Write mode:

There are various other little gems, but they’re exceptions rather than general rules. For example, Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+Up/Down Arrows will move selected notes by an octave.

pianoleo, fantastic explanation, you are wasted as a musician :wink:

This is great. Thanks so much.