[HOWTO?] limit automation range

Evening all!
Do any of you folks know of a way to limit the automation range of a track?
E.g. say I want the fader of my control surface to set automation to 0 dB in the top position and to -12 dB when I pull it all the way down. Is there any way to do this? It would be tremendously useful for example to duck the M+E to a narrator.

@ Steinberg: If there is indeed NO way to do this, please file this post as a feature request. I can’t imagine it would be very hard to implement… :wink:

Don’t know if that is possible, it has never come up.
Why don’t you just use a “side chained” compressor?
Works great here and it is way faster to set up.

Thanks, Rotund!
I do that a lot, in fact, but for some stuff I find I like to have more control over the attack/release of the ducking than a side chained compressor will afford me.
On the other hand, I usually duck to about the same gain levels, and of course always will return the M+E to 0 dB after the narration passage. And I’m sick of fine-tuning automation at that point, when I wouldn’t have to.