HowTo:set midi volume automation fixed @ 127 on all tracks

Hi all,
I am struggling to perform what I believe is a rather simple task (Cubase Pro):

I have built an orchestral template made of a couple hundred tracks linked with VEP to a slave. Each midi track controls an instrument articulation over several VEP/Kontakt Instances. All good (very good actually).
For whatever reason, Kontakt in VEP randomly loads instruments with Kontakt volume set at -6 db (despite the option being set at 0 in Kontakt). This happens randomly, but what causes is that each time I load up the template I basically have to spend time in going through each articulation in VEP to set back Kontakt volume to 0 db. (I usually find this out as the mix is messed up).

Until I don’t figure out why Kontakt is doing this, I thought about having midi cc volume automation set to 127 on each midi track in Cubase: setting 127 in midi volume automation in cubase sets the Kontakt volume instance in VEP to 0 db, which is correct.
Now, ho do i:

  • batch process all of my current tracks, which do not have midi volume automation, to kind of “activate” volume automation and set it to 127?
  • is there anyway I can set cubase to automatically do it for each future midi track I create?

I guess the solution lies in the logical editor, but I haven’t managed to figure out how to proper build a script for this: I can get the logical editor to edit volume automation only if I have already written volume automation for a track (by the way, I can only multiply/divide, but not “set” to a specific value: is this normal?)

Is there any way I can avoid to manually go track by track and insert a volume automation lane set at 127?




Initial MIDI CC7 (Volume) value is 100. It seems, NI Kontakt set -6dB to this value.

Myself, I would just make a very short MIDI event at the beginning of any single MIDI track, where would MIDI CC7 with 127 value live. You would just copy this short MIDI event to every newly created MIDI track. This MIDI event will be sent at the beginning of every single project then.

Or you can set the faders of the MIDI tracks to the maximum (127). Do you mix it via MIDI faders, Instrument Return Channels in Cubase, or in VE Pro?

Martin, what about “Insert Velocities?” Couldn’t that be used to put 127 at the start of each track? :question:

I would…

  1. Enable Q-Link
  2. Select all your midi tracks
  3. Enable Write Automation, and also enable ‘To Start’ and ‘To End’ in the automation panel
  4. Play the track, grab a fader and move it to 127

This will write an automation point at the start of your project on every selected track with a value of 127.

You would have to repeat this process when you create future MIDI tracks unless someone’s got a better idea?