Howto to get rid of VST Instruments in the rack?

Simple question: Howto to get rid of VST Instruments in the rack?

How hard can it be?

I have Cubase Artist 7.5

Click the vsti name.

It took me a while too

OK, thanks! I found it!

Tanx for that.

Same here. It’s not very intuitive.

It’s worst yet; it’s plain counter-intuitive. They should’ve put it in the right-click drop-down; by design, left-click should never bring you to a drop down… Waisted some time on this one too.

yeah, there are lots of things like this now in 7.5 which are more or less hidden, where they used to be fully visible at all times in earlier versions. I had to RTFM to find the polarity switch, which now looks just like any other button. You really have to read the tiny text to not hit the wrong button. This part of C7 is definitely my least favorite part. It’s not that I think it’s important for software to look like the real world counterpart. I just don’t tiptoeing around the mixer and inspector to avoid hitting the wrong button just because they look the same.
And inserts, sends and VST instruments have these hard to navigate little buttons you have to know where to click on to avoid executing the wrong command and then having to backtrack and try again. Obvious and intuitive it is not .l… :unamused:

I’m sure they thought that since earlier versions required a left click to get to the VST instrument drop down having it the same in 7.5 would be helpful.