HP/LP filters from Cubase 7.5

Is there any way the developers could add an input HP/LP filters from Cubase 7.5 to the latest 10 version? It was mentioned by other users in a few topics that the sound of the following versions of Cubase didn’t have the same clean cut (no matter which slope you choose 24/48db) as the one from 7.5 channel strip.
If you could PLEASE :slight_smile:, add these filters as an option to the latest version I would definitely upgrade, that’s the only thing that is holding me back (backwards compatibility is not great from 10 to 7.5).
I find myself always switching back to 7.5 when doing a mixdown, but it’s becoming more of an issue the higher version I go.

If you could please do it! :slight_smile: those filters were great and clean, and I wasn’t able to find any VST that could match that.



Those filters were great!

I’ve read this somewhere on the forums as well, they were nice! I’d like to see those back as well :slight_smile:




please add those, I just switched from Cubase 7.5 to 10 and need them

I’ve been looking for those as well in the updated versions, couldn’t find it, a lot of mixes that I did in the 7.5 don’t translate well in the newer versions, would be great if they were added with the new update!


Yes, yes, yes. I always use a third party filter (Pro-Q 3, which is unbeatable for many things at the moment…but I’d much rather be able to use the Cubase filters for mixing because of their convenience) because they do much cleaner cuts. In C7.5 it was great.

I’m glad some users are backing it up, really hope they can bring those exact filters back in the next update!!