HPF/LPF automation problems

I’ve started noticing some odd things going on with the stock EQ. For one thing, copying EQ settings between channels sometimes don’t actually work until after you open the channel editor. It only happens sometimes so it’s very hard to troubleshoot.

Don’t know if it’s directly related, but I’ve also now noticed that automated LPF/HPF settings sometimes have no effect. If I put the cursor over a section where I have a filter and open the channel editor I get a grey dial (see image). If I move the cursor back and have the song play over the automated part, the filter starts working. After that the filter works without a hitch. It’s like you have to jolt it into action! If I close and reopen the project, I can replicate the problem.

Does this happen to anyone else?

EDIT: actually now I can only get the LPF automation to work when I have the channel editor open. Only applies to SOME channels as well, oddly.

Im doing exactly that on cubase, what worked for me is :
open the editor for the channel (e)-> click (w) to write automation->play the section->move the LC bar on the bottom left of the EQ. now u have a low cut automation to check the curve right click track and go show used automation.