HQ Libraries - wrong playback techniques?

So I wanted to use my Spitfire Mural Symphonic Strings library on Dorico. I loaded it and applied the expression map I manually made for it, and it works well. However, sometimes the library goes crazy and plays two techniques at the same time - such as spiccato and long notes (as if there was an articulation divisi). I noticed this happens when alternating different articulations in the music itself, such as legato and then changing quickly to spiccato. I’ve also checked (and manually changed to my pleasure) the mutual exclusion groups section in the expression maps menu, but either it doesn’t work properly or I don’t know what I am missing.

Notice the “spiccato + 1 others” message Spitfire’s library displays when this happens. Is there any way this can be locked so it doesn’t trigger on? Is it something I can fix with Dorico itself, or perhaps the issue is some weird setting going on with my library? Thank you.

I’ve seen this a lot with SABLE as well… which is the same Spitfire generation. I think it simply is some inherent sluggishness in Kontakt and/or the Spitfire instruments themselves. I’ve never been able to get to the bottom of it. There must be a reason why Spirfire decided to develop their own Player… hopefully someone with a deeper understanding of Kontakt may be able to throw some light on the issue…

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