HS 1.5 content update problems

Ok just got to the bottom of this one with help from Marcus from support.
it seems that the trial version that ships with C6 is ALREADY V1.5.0! lol
might be worth adding this to the sticky at the beginning though?

I tried the reinstall of Halion Sonic. The update of the library is without success.
What can be done else?

Okay - let me see if i got this straight becuase I am having the issue too. I installed with the Trial CD set that came with C6.
I pulled down 2 updates:

HALion_Sonic1.5.0_Content_Patch errors out with version error message. Are you saying that this Content Patch is alrady in the C6 Media set version and therefore doesnt need to be installed before just updating to 1.5.2?

Also, I uninstalled the Halion Sonic SE. Was that a mistake? What am i missing by doing that as far as instruments. IS there a list someplace?


See my post two posts above dude… all explained there!

I did read that and I was looking for more clarity in the thread about the the content patch. The file name seems misleading in that it appears to “Patch” the “Content” of Version 1.5.0 and then one is to apply the 1.5.2 patch. I have it working now by simply skipping the content patch, but the post isnt entirely clear for others who stumble on it ike we did. Thanks.

I am using Vista 64.
The folder where the VSTSounds are stored is :
Username\Application data\Steinberg\Content\Halion\VST sound

I get errors when I try to update either the 2 files downloaded.

If you got the solution, please, let me know.

I just re - purchased a newer version of Halion Sonic. Does this mean that since its right from the store, it should have the 1.5 content already installed? Did they make new dvd’s?

How do you know what content is on the dvd’s?

Either way I get the same error on my windows cpu as the original poster when trying to install it on windows 7, haven’t tested it on my mac yet.

Please let me know this answer if you can.

UPDATE: I just noticed I have a halion sonic se, so I assume this is already installed on my dvd’s, I don’t remember that with the first halion sonic install I owned many months ago.

Ok I guess that was wrong because I’m getting missing samples from factory patches… how do we install 1.5 correctly?

Ok I definitely figured out why it wouldn’t install, As I checked the details of the installation database on the dvd that came with mine, and it says Halion Sonic 1.5.0 so Steinberg dropped the ball here,and started printing 1.5 dvd’s and forgot to tell us.