HS 2 Compatibility

Hi All,
Just installed HS 1 on Vista with the free upgrade to HS 2 but it says in the minimum requirements for Hs 2 that it’s only compatible with Windows 7/8. Has anyone tried this HS 2 version successfully with Vista? I’m not yet prepared to upgrade to the newer OS yet.
(tried search but no direct answer)

Thanks for your thoughts!


HALionSonic 2 is not supported on Windows Vista. That means that HALionSonic 2 was never developed or tested to run on the older discontinued Windows Vista operating system and we cannot guarantee the program’s performance or provide technical support for it while it is running on that unsupported operating system.

I recommend you move to either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Windows Vista was largely abandoned by the professional audio industry due to it’s unreliable performance. I have been doing support for several years now and have seen a host of different issues on Vista.

Thank you!

Thanks for the reply Joshua. I know that HS 2 wouldn’t be supported on Vista but I was checking to see if anyone had any success with it. As mentioned earlier, I’m not in a position to upgrade to W7/8 so if installing HS 2 has any serious consequences, I’ll just stay with HS 1 until the appropriate time. I know others have had issues with Vista but I’ve been running Vista Business 64 for years without any problems. In the future, I plan to install W7 on an SSD HD but that’s not in my budget presently. If I can get one positive testimony for HS 2 on Vista, I will try my luck. :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

So, has anyone any positive testimonies on this? Just looking for one. I know it’s not supported but has anyone had any success running HALionSonic 2 on Vista?