HS, Dark Planet, Mac, Processer spikes

Hi Using HALion Sonic as a VST instrument rack in Cubase 6.5
some slots loaded with factory, but when ever I load a Dark Planet
patch my processor spikes…
imac duo core 2.4, 4 gigs of ram OSX 10.6.8
CI2+ KX49…
Every thing is updated to the latest drivers and updates
including HALion Sonic Content update installed first before HS and HSSE
update patches.
Only Steinberg on the mac no third party plugins
HS, H4, padshop pro, Halion One :imp: with synth vst instrument set :imp:
and all other vst instruments set. and Sequel 3 for content
Running 32 bit

Also having this Problem with hypnotic Dance,
Anyone have any Idea?

Same problem with HALion 4…
any help ? :cry:

Please Anyone ! Steinberg !!! have any idea’s. Maybe Im missing something…
Should I have a look at HS options for fine tuning the settings…
I also Have this Problem with H4. VST Sound Instruments Sets are
completely unusable… :cry:

Still having the problem Now with Cubase 7

open a support ticket?