HS Patch Load Hang

When I go to load a HS Instrument into the Instrument Slots e.g Baroque Harpsichord from the Key Patches. I find the patch loads to about 50% then hangs.
I’ve found this occuring on a few other patches.

Anyone seen this or know the reason?


hello ,
yeh i’ve had that problem before , for me i think it was when i installed demo versions of cubase 6 , sequal 3 , elements 6 and all the halion sonic se content that came with those demo’s .When i looked at my own halion sonic(1.5.2 ) all the demo content was also avalible there , the total patches avaliable were over 1800+ ( from 1500+) . But when the demo’s expired i found some of the patches would not load , and i could not tell which came from original halion sonic content or the demo content . i uninstalled all the expired demo’s and did a full re-install of halion sonic , then the patch’s avalible dropped to 1500+ but there was no more hangs . If you have installed any demo versions with halion sonic SE content then that might be whats making the patches hang .
cheers !!!