HS SE2 - when will you work? Today HSSE3

I have created percussion instruments that are capable of loading without a problem in H6 and HS3…
I have followed everything to have this load properly and it does not load to HSSE… 12 hours so far and nothing works.
Best percussion you will ever have but can’t get it to pop on the retarded HS SE2
Here is a look:

I created a VST sound content that I have installed via HALion manager and NOTHING. I can see my library next to the other Steinberg instrument presets with icon and all but it just wont load to the HSSE2 section.

You know that you need HS SE3 for this to work.

It won’t work in HS SE2.

You know there is no suck thing as HS SE3 in my computer?.. What comes with Cubase is HS SE2
I’m on Cubase 9. I will download the sucker… I never use HS SE but need the library to be compatible…

Thanks for the heads up… NOW!.. it better work…!!!