HS to H4 Upgrade with Disks (Aka Boxed) Not availeble

Hello It’s been a while since I been here
I noticed that HALion 4 Finally got released …
At first I was very happy to hear that there is an upgrade possibility From HALion Sonic
However I noticed that there only is a Download version available for this upgrade
And I actually wanted A version on disks
So My first Question is why the Boxed option isn’t available ?
It’s not that I do not Like the download version but I prefer to have original disks
it’s just in the case that when I buy a new PC I would be able to install it a lot faster from original disks
and giving me a clean installed version
(This is actually the reason that I did NOT Buy H4 Yet)

Another little side question I have is related to the Content From The Grand 3 …
Will I be able to access the content From The Grand 3 with H4 ? or isn’t this possible ?