HS2 extended library not showing in inspector

Anyone can tell me why this is. I loaded a HALion Sonic 2 Instrument track
wanted to load a preset from world Instruments but all libraries Beat Box auron
modle c etc are not listed just the SE and Factory Presets
is this a bug or is it just the way it is

I’m not sure into which Folder the Presets for those packs are installed, but you may have to go into Media Bay and re-scan the folders in order for them to appear in the list.

I’m still a new Cubase user and need to better understand how Cubase deals with VSTis and associated Presets and user created Presets and Programs in terms of file and folder (directory) structure.

I did a re scan and a lot of other things and still no good,
I know my way around Cubase, not a Expert but I get by pretty good,
Hoped to see if there is something I missed before I send it in to

Those libraries are only available in the HALion sampler (sample player/editor/synthesiser) instrument

I have H5 and HS2 the libraries are available in both there just not showing up in
the Inspector preset window only

Interesting… I have both installed too; I did not see most of the H5 libraries in the HS2 mediabay when I checked earlier. Apologies, I did not even look to the Inspector at all. I’ll check again when back at my machine.


In your preset browser open up filters and locations to check if you can see them there. Maybe it is set to display Halion Sonic SE factory content only.

All ready did all that, Yes there all there in the HS Media Bay but not in the
Inspector, Do you Have HS and did you see if there all ther in the the Inspector,
this is my ?

Well, after checking myself, you are right.
I can find the presets in HS Media bay, also in Cubase Media bay, but not in the Inspector.

Any More out there ? please send in to Support

I?m having similar issues here…
Sonic 2 doesn’t seem to find many sounds from the modules it supposedly includes. I can’t open any Haliotron, Model C, world instruments, world percussion, Hybrid SE content, SE Pro, Trium, Voltage. Funny thing is that prests from HSO, Neo Soul Keys, and hypnotic dance, wich are not a part of Sonic 2’s library, do show up in the load window…?
Of course HAlion can see everything, but I still have a lot of learning to do in Halion, and much prefer to use Sonic 2 instead…any clues of what’s going on…?

Yeah, Halion Sonic seems to get zero support from Sternberg…especially on the Mac. I can see the various “instruments as they are represented graphically” but if I choose…say Voltage…no presets are available. It’s that way on all the other modules. Running Mac with El Capitan. I really wish they would get this together. Oh yeah…and loose the dongle or at least make it like one of those mini usb keys.