HS2 Pitchwheel (solved!)

Hi All,
Tried posting this in the Halion Sonic section but so far, getting no hits so I’m trying here.

Is there a way to adjust the range of the pitchwheel on HS2? Currently, my keyboard controller is applying a whole step either direction. (up and down) I’m looking to get an octave. Is that possible?
Thanks in advance.



You can do so on the Settings page of HSSE2.

Hi Martin,
HS2 and Halion 5 have it in the edit page but there are subgroupings of that page. In HS2, you can hardly see where to click on them. It’s in the second layer page in the “Filter & Amplifier” section under the “Voicing/Pitch”. The pitchwheel adjustment window looks like it’s a part of the voicing parameter. It doesn’t even label “pitchwheel” until you hover your cursor over it. “Not” easy to find on the instrument and couldn’t find it at all in the manual.

Ooops, I wasn’t with Cubase, and I was pretty shure, it’s there. But now, I really cannot see it.

This is the way:

  • Edit
  • Select the layer (L1)
  • Pitch
  • PitchBend Up and Down.

You can set it individually for every single layer.

That is correct. That’s where I found it in HS2. Halion 5 is a little different.

  • Edit
  • Zone
  • Voice Control
  • Pitch