HS3 and Halion 6 Sound library compare

For information … Just compared VST sound libraries in HS3 download v Halion 6 download.

System reports these VST Sound files in Halion 6 not in Halion Sonic 3



well no-one ever answering anythigh here right ? :mrgreen:

I just bought the Halion sonic 3
Now do I really have
to download these 27GB ? :mrgreen:

I Will probably use nothing of if just the player for real instrumets I buy
elsewhere ! :laughing:

/Göran Aus Schweden

WELL i have downloaed sonic 3.
(And yes I don’t want anything of it.) :mrgreen:

You can not play in it. (third party .hal files)

So I bought the upgrade to Halion 6
Do I really have to download all again much is the same(skit). :mrgreen:


the file extension is .fxp
and also a folder with samples :smiley:
(I just made a halion file from my software)


Come On Steinway People !

Do I really have to download twice all these crazy sounds that I don’t want
just to get the halion 6 sample player