HS3 content is Cubase Media bay but will not create track


I have a problem with the HS3 content and Cubase Mediabay - none of the HS3 presets will preview or load an instrument track, despite being found in Mediabay. All work just finer in HS3 when I add HS3 manually to a track and use its internal content browser.
The HS3 instruments also do not show in Instrument pictures in the media bay.

I reviewed the forum and found a post that had the same instrument picture problem but I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the HS3 but this has made no difference. Halion Library Manager shows no issues and content is where I expect it to be.

I posted the details in the Cubase Forum since it appears to be a Cubase Mediabay issue at first look since HS3 standalone can find all content:


I tried getting mediabay to remove and rescan the HS3 skylab content but that simply removed the presets for Skylab from Mediabay completely even though I unchecked and checked the exact same VST Sound->Skylab folder in the Mediabay.

Bizarre. Mediabay just seems to be broken when it comes to HS3 install.


If you should have this problem the only way I could fix it was to do clean install of Cubase and Halion Sonic:

  1. Uninstall Cubase,and all associated programs and content that come with it
  2. Uninstall Halion Sonic
  3. Go into C:/Users//AppData/Roaming/Steinberg - and delete anything associated with Cubase components in 1 and Halion Sonic (noting this directory contains all your user preferences as well so don’t just randomly delete, either take care or perform a backup - in fact just perform a backup in case you miss something)
  4. Check for any left over Halion related .vstsound files left over from the Uninstall - I had left over copies of HS files in several locations. Windows Search is your friend
  5. Reinstall Cubase and Halion Sonic 3

My guess, the problem came about from using a Cubase UPGRADE install rather than a Full installer, combined with Halion Sonic upgrading over the top of the HS2 installation. Given the number of left over files from the uninstall process I had to remove the installer clearly just can’t keep up with historical uipdate process scattered across my machine.