HS3 on two machines?

Hi guys,

I have a quick question about running HS3 on multiple machines; I have two set ups, my main desktop DAW running Cubase 9 Pro, HS3, The Grand 3, Groove Agent 4 etc.

I also have a laptop DAW that I use live, it runs Cubase Elements 8 and Kontakt 5 for most of the virtual instruments (mostly Vintage Organs). I have HALion Sonic SE installed and considered upgrading to HS3, I’d rather not fork out for a full second version if I don’t have to, and wondered if there’s a way to use my existing licence for both machines?

I understand I can’t run two instances of HS3 at the same time but I wouldn’t need to. My question is, would I be able to buy a second dongle to run HS3 on my laptop, or would the process involve moving a licence between both dongles every time I changed DAWs (not realistic really).

Apologies for the long-winded quiestion :blush:

Thanks in advance,


George Wood

You can get a second USB-eLicenser and drag the Halion Sonic 3 license into it, assuming that you actually have different licenses for all of these VST plugins and aren’t using the Absolute 3 collection.

This will allow you to use HS3 on both computers.