Hs7 suddenly disappeared from Cubase 10 pro

Hi, I have a bad problem.
After using HS3 for a long time, I saw the free version HS7. I installed and used normally for some time. suddenly, HS7, together with HS3 disappeared from Cubase 10pro, leaving only HS sonic 3. All the sounds that I had meticulously selected, in the new project, after long searches have disappeared and I don’t remember their names to be able to reinsert them.
So before starting a new long search among the sounds, I would like to restore HS7, keeping in mind that I tried to reinstall it from the download manager without success.
Could it be a solution to delete it with control panel or with revo uninstaller and reinstall it?
Thanks to those who help me, I’m very sad.

Edit: i forgot: HS7 works perfectly in stand alone, just in cubase is missing.

hi all i hope in a reply