hsb vs vst preset?

I have read countless threads regarding HALionOne sounds that can’t be found. I read on a support page that HALion One only supports .hsb files. I have “VST Sound Collection Vol 1.” sounds that won’t play thru HALion One. I don’t remember exactly where I got these files but I think it was in with the Steinberg.net downloads. It was a series of zip files. These files appear to be identified as “VST Preset” files and not .hsb files. On the file tree in the media browser, “VST Sound Collection Vol1” is present but if you click it, a drop down file called Installer Data appears. No sounds found these. Many of the sounds listed in the browser do not play but rather produce a ‘no file found’ prompt.
What am I missing here? Can someone please explain the difference between hsb and VST Presets? It’s frustrating to see a sound in the media bay and have no way to play it…

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You can always download HALionOne from our ftp archive:
With HALionOne you can use this hsb files, if you are on Cubase 6 please read the knowledge base article bellow:

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I just did a little more research on this and found a page that said HALionOne runs in Cubase 4 or higher. I’m running Cubase Essential 4. Could this be the reason it does not recognize the VST presets? Maybe that’s been my problem all along??


Cubase Essential 4 can also run HALionOne, have you tried to download and install HalionOne from the link I posted?
If you try to load a preset from HalionOne what happens, is the results box empty?
Have you tried to locate the contents?
Please read the article bellow, you will find more information about HalionOne, perhaps it helps you solve your problem:

You need to give us more information, other wise it is going to be harder to help you.


OK Here’s some detail: Cubase Essential 4 Version 4.5.2 running on a PC with Intel 2 quad cpu/4 gb RAM, 64-bit Windows 7 OS. I read the HALionOne overview. (It only mentions file paths up to Vista) File path: ProgramData/Steinberg/Content/HALionOneSoundBanks
In the Halion One Soundbanks file:
DrumLoop Expansion 01.vstsound
File Folder: VST_Sound_Collection_Vol_I/Installer Data/note: the hsb files as seen above also appear in this file ??? (1.33 GB)
Setup_VST_Sound_Collection_Vol_I appl file 110KB
VST_Sound_Collection_Vol_I_part 1… thru part five zip files
Steinberg_HALionOne Additional_Content_Set_01
ProgramFiles/Common Files/Steinberg/VST2/ HalionOne.dll, HalionOne .srf, plus the HALionOne uninstall apps
In Cubase Essential 4:
On the Plug-in Info screen (Device Manager) HalionOne file path is shown as Program Files/CommonFiles/Steinberg/VST2 (file: HALionOne.dll)

The file path selected in HALionOne in “locate contents” is ProgramData/Steinberg/Content/HalionOneSoundBanks

In the browser tree: HALionOne/SROneSoundzSilver+ Yamaha S90ES
When you select the HALion One file, the SR One SoundsSilver and Yamaha S90ES are available to select and play. The other listed sounds, e.g. 5thLtd, Aah Choir, Accordion, etc, will not play. If selected, a prompt reads HALionOne Cannot Find or Load Preset, “preset name”

I have tried other file path options, uninstalled and re-installed HALionOne, and have deleted preferences per the recommendations in the Steinberg support text you sent to me.

I think I’ve outlined all file paths. Is file path my issue?

Part of the problem could be that you are on Windows 7… Cubase Essential 4 is not supported on Windows 7.
Please try the following:

Copy the content of the folder: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase * 5\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALionOne
Place it here: C:\ProgramData\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALionOne

(Please note: The ProgramData folder is a hidden folder. If you can’t find the folder in the Explorer click -> Organize / Folder & Search Options / View - and activate “Show hidden files, folders and drives”)


This is the first I’ve read that Essential 4 is not supported in Windows 7. Essential 4 runs better for me on Windows 7 than it did on XP.
I copied the files as instructed. A HALionOne folder appears on the file tree of the browser along with SR Soundz Silver and Yamaha S90ES but the HALion One folder is empty. I did a rescan in the Media Bay but no success.
Do you still think it’s a Windows 7 support issue?
I have been considering upgrading to Cubase Artist 6. Will Artist 6 support the files? I know it comes with Sonic LE. What are the other main benefits to the upgrade?

Supported on Windows 7.

Hello shurecan,

If you want to know more about the advantages of Cubase Artist 6 please follow the link bellow:

To fix the problem please try the following:
Open the HALionOne results window, then enable the option “Categories” and show location.
Once you are there it will look some how like the attache screenshot.
Now remove the tick inside the box next to the HALionOne folder.
A message will come up, click on “Keep”.
After this the window will close.
Now go back to the location tree window and place the tick back in the box.
The HALionOne folder should now turn red and start a manual rescan of the contents, reset the filters.
HalionONE presets.JPG

I performed your instructions but still no difference. As a result of my efforts to solve this problem I have become quite the expert at navigating through the file trees, moving files and changing file paths and re-scanning presets. I’ve even tried creating some hybrid versions of folders to see if I could trick the sounds into loading. My logic was to add the additional presets to the same folder as the SR presets. Since they are all .vstpreset sounds I assumed they all should load. But still only the SR sounds will load.
The results are always the same. These 134 vstpresets will appear in the browser but will not load - no matter what file path I may try. The more challenging this problem becomes the more determined I am to fix it. Unless it truly is a compatibility issue…

One more thing to add…
I just remembered that I should also have checked the VST file path settings on the plug-in information screen on the devices menu. How does one change this file path? Do I get the option to re-select this file path during a re-install of HALion One?

Did you ever get this resolved?

I’m having the same problems, but with all of the sounds from the Vol 1 collection, this time running on Cubase Studio 4.5.2

Have sent a support request, but alas no response as yet.

For anyone having a problem not being able to load Halionone vst’s, but can see the interface. I found the answer in the plugin reference pdf that is with the Cubase documentation.

Open a Cubase project and add a instrument track; select halionone. open the halionone interface/instrument panel and right click anywhere on the halionone control panel and choose “Locate Contents”. Then just navigate to the folder where the HSB files are. They are probably in the Cubase le folder under “additional content” and then “soundframe” and finally "halionone soundbanks. This is the only way I have found for Cubase to recognize these vst’s