HSO 16 Bit Sounds in Sonic SE?

Hi Guys this is my first post.

I have Cubase 6 and a license for HSO 16bit. I just want to clarify. Can I use my old HSO 16 bit sounds in Halion Sonic SE.

When I go to “Load Programme” in Sonic SE I get 110 Results ( the new HSO VST Sound sets) but in HSO 16bit I obviously have hundreds of different sound types.

Thanks for any assistance on this.

The bad news: No, you can not use the old HSO content i Sonic SE.

The good news: As far as I can see, all the old HSO content are included in the new HSO VST Sound sets. You are right that there ”only” are 110 programs in the new sound set, but a lot of the old stuff is hidden inside thees programs in a much smarter way. For instance where you in the old HSO had different programs fore xfade and xswitch, they are now included in the same program, and selected with the switch Expression Mode.

Thanks a lot for the response. Is it just me though or has Steinberg let us just work this out for ourselves. I can’t find any transition documentation at all. Come on Steinberg I’m trying desperately to love you.

You absolutely right, the documentation lack a lot of information.

I really would like to have a content set listing where each program lists which controllers is active and not at least what they do.

For example there is a program caled “Violins I A Combi” with the key switch C0 Tremolo, but there are also a dedicated tremolo program “Violins I Legato X Tremolo”, so whats the difference?

After fooling around some time, I figured out that “Violins I Legato X Tremolo” have an espressivo (not expression) controller Foot Ctrl (CC 4) that controls the level of tremolo. Nice feature, but only if you know it’s there!

If you set Foot Ctrl to 127 in the “Violins I Legato X Tremolo” program , it is exactly identical to “Violins I A Combi” with the key switch C0 on.

But thats something you had to figure out yourself . Maybe thats what Steinberg meant by “Back to whats really important”

Don’t misunderstand me, I think the program produce some wary nice sounds, but a little help would increase the value of the program so much.

Perhaps we should start a new thread called “Missing information in the HSO manual”, where we could share our own findings and make some sort of knowledge base?

Yes, I agree - the old HSO manual was actually very good so updating this would be a big help.