HSO 16bit addon to HalionSonic unexpectedly expired!!

I just noticed that the license of my Halion Symphonic Orchestra 16bit add on to Halion Sonic expired.
This is strange because I already bought a permanent licence for it when using Cubase 5.

The HSO upgrade to Cubase 6 supposed to be “free” and not limited to the trial period only. Or was it??

What’s the deal here? I’m pretty confused how to “do it” properly. Can someone explain?

Check in the eLicenser Control Center – in the right-hand pane you should see “Collection License”, and under that “HALion Symphonic Orchestra 1.x”.

Thanks for the reply!

Yes, this is the permanent license for HSO in combination with Cubase 5.
Now I use Cubase 6 and the license for the HSO add-on to Halion Sonic (SE) expired, but it shouldn’t have, I guess.

In the knowledge base article is stated:
If you already own a HALion Symphonic Orchestra license (Full License / 16-Bit Edition) you can use the HALion Symphonic Orchestra – VST Sound Instrument Set unlimited and you do not have to purchase the permanent license!

Any thoughts?

Strange … my situation seems identical to yours – after I upgraded from C4 to C5 I tried out HSO, then bought the license. When I upgraded to C6, I did nothing except loaded the revised HSSE-compatible HSO content and it hasn’t expired. I can still use both the HSO stand-alone application and the HSO VST in other hosts, as well as the HSO content in C6 via HSSE.

Is it possible you installed the trial HALion Sonic full version and that that has expired?

Other than that I’m afraid you’ll have to contact Steinberg support to sort it out.

OK, I bought a new licence for The Halion Sonic full instrument (that expired as well) and I can now simply use the HSO sounds from there as if nothing happened. Apparently the expired HSO license was just for the trial and Halion Sonic now uses (or just continues to use) the “old Cubase 5 related” lisence.
Why I had trouble loading HSO in Halion Sonic SE before I re-licensed Halion Sonic (full) remains a mistery to me.

Thanks for your time!