HSO 16bit test licence for Cubase 5 expired - how to renew ?


I bought Cubase 5 mid last year. A couple of months ago I installed the test version of Halion Symphonic Orchestra - after 3 months the test licence has expired as expected.

How can I renew the licence ?

In the Cubase shop I can only buy the activation code for HSO for the new version Cubase 6, but I have Cubase 5:

Please let me know how I can acquire that licence.

Thanks, Daniel.

Try here:


And my understanding is if you ever upgrade to C6 this license will work with the Sonic SE content shipped with C6.


Thanks a LOT, Ron.

That is exactly the link I needed and could not find before.

I purchased the upgrade licence and installed it - HSO up and running again.

Regards, Daniel.