HSO and Logic 10


I have been using HSO as a plugin with Logic 9 and everything was fine. Now I find that Logic 10 only accepts 64-bits plugins, so HSO is not there as an available plugin.

In this page there are downloads for updating HSO:


In windows you have 32 and 64 bits. In Mac only 32 Bits. I guess that Halion & Halion Sonic will solve the problem (maybe), but I don’t want to buy any more stuff now.

Am I missing something or is it correct that HSO is not available for Logic 10?

Thank you.

That’s misstated a bit, but there isn’t a x64 version for Mac so if Logic 10 doesn’t support x32 plugins, then no you don’t have a way to run the HSO plugin in Logic 10.

There are vstsound files available for Halion and Halion Sonic that solve the problem. But, then you would have to buy more software unfortunately.

Thank you so much for your input, JMCecil.

Please, let me clarify that is not my intention to misstate the situation, since in my post I myself state that with Halion or Halion Sonic it should work (I can not confirm this obviously, but after reading the tech spec of both they should and I’m sure they do.)

The sentence you quoted may be misleading only if taken out of context, I understand that some people may scan instead of read in Internet, jumping around looking for this or that with more or less accuracy, they should do that at their own risk of getting things wrong.

Reading the whole -and really short- text I think it’s clear that I’m talking about a very specific case, where it seems confirmed that HSO will not be available inside Logic 10.

At this point, maybe someone from Steinberg can comment if they are working an update to address this situation.

Thank you.

Just an update from an email I have received from Steinberg support:

Thank you for your email and sorry for the delay.
The HALion Symphonic Orchestra had been discontinued some years ago and unfortunately there will be no 64-Bit version.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,

Marcus Ottenhausen

Technical Support Representative