HSO Basso Continuo instrument!

Following on from an earlier thread, I’ve created a “Basso Continuo” instrument using HALion Symphony Orchestra samples.

Screenshot 11

Well, OK, it’s Cellos, Basses (playing down the octave) and optional Bassoon. I’ve set up the Playback Template so that just one Violoncello Section player will get all these samples.

The Bassoon is a bit ‘full-on’ in the mix. You can adjust the balance of the three instruments, and a bit of stereo panning in the MIX panel of the HALion Player.

Screenshot 10

However, it does seem to reset itself, so may need watching. I think I’ve got more reliable results using the Amplifier Level in the EDIT panel.


The Playback Template here defaults to HSO for all other instruments; but you can easily create your own Template using “HSO Basso Continuo”, and then falling back on other libraries.

Here’s what it sounds like with Noteperformer strings.

HSO Basso.zip (950.8 KB)


Sounds great Ben, well done :+1: