HSO can't read samples problem

I’m using Cubase 6.5 64bit version and i installed HSO 64bit trial version what bundled in my Cubase6 package (i’m using window7 and i register HSO activation code)

The problem what i stucked is when i load vstsounds in HSO and open it(For example, string violin- lite violin solo)

phrase appears ‘some audio file[s] could not be found [312 samples]. The content file seems to be broken’

so what should i do?

i only installed HSO CD and downloaded .dll and .hsb files by here http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads/halion_symphonic_orchestra.html

I think HSO can’t read .vstsound file extension

please help me!

Hi there,

  1. There is no DVD with a sepearte VST Plugin in the Cubase 6.x Box!!

  2. This is the HSO VST Instrument Set 16Bit FOR the HALion Sonic SE, HALion Sonic or the HALion 4.


  • Please un- install the HSO and/or the HSO VST Instrument Set 16Bit Content from your System using the Windows Control Panel

  • Now install it from the the DVD that came with the Cubase 6 box

  • Open then the HALion Sonic SE and now you will be able to load the HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Instruemnt Set 16Bit.

So the HSO presets are loading by Halion sonic SE not HSO?

Thank you Marcus!

i can’t understand why steinberg doesn’t specify this fact