HSO Content Changed with Cubase 6?


Did the HSO content itself change in any way between the distribution with Cubase 5 and the distribution with Cubase 6? If so, in what way(s), precisely?

Not that I’m not concerned about the VSTi - just the actual sampled content files.

Thanks, all.

As far as I can tell so far, the same base sample set is there, but due to the fact that you now have HSSE as the player it’s not easy to be 100% sure. I’m in the process of taking a project done with the 1.5 VSTi and porting it to HSSE/C6, but I keep getting drawn into playing with the possibilities of HSSE (in a good way!). The new player/GUI is a welcome improvment but above all the most important thing of course is the sound, which I personally find very, very good.

One of the main differences is that there seem to be much less presets (although I haven’t actually counted them) and the “tree view” method of selection via drop-down menu is replaced with the standard MediaBay selector. This has it’s own disadvantages in that the HSO patches are mixed up with the stock set from HSSE, but can be found by filtering on the word “symphonic”, which returns 111 patches.

But back to the matter of sound … HSO has always IMHO been more European than Hollywood and this version is no different, so it may suit some tastes but not others. For me, it’s ideal and although it needs investment of time, the results can be stellar.

There is a filter on the HSSE which you can use to select any single sample set - such as Halion Symphonic only.

There also seem to be, like, 3 levels of Halion content. Wondering how much we get to keep after 60 days if we don’t buy the full Halion Sonic???


ooops . . .

I was wrong. Only a filter on Halion Sonic - not SE.

Yes. You have to do a logical search on “Library” matches “Symphonic”.

I come up with 110 matches.

Wish there were a way to save the search so I don’t have yo keep typing “Symphonic” each time I reset.


If you in the filtersection go into ”Audio - Assets” and then chose ”Library Name” (instead af ”key”) you can chose to filter on ”HALion Symphonic”. This preference will be there next time you open the multi program rack.

Yes. Mine is coming up that way every time.
Even on a new project . . .

. . . Until I clear it or search for something else.
Then, in order to get that search back I have to select “Library” and type “Symphonic” again.

And I’m exceedingly lazy . . .

What I want is a “saved searches” drop down.


Found it.
No typing.
Under “Attribute”, not “Logical”.

Drop down any column and select “Audio - Assets”.
Choose “Library Name”.

Select “Halion Symphonic”, or any other.


The mods over in the C6 forum indicated that they will modify the filter to work better in HSSE for the next incremental upgrade of C6.

Well, actually, as I mentioned in the post before, it really works that way now - so I found out.

Not on the HSSE instrument itself - but when opening the sound/patch browser/media bay thing just select “Audio Assets” as one of the columns - and “Library Name” as the sort and there are all the Libraries to be searched individually.

:bulb: Aaaaah! Now I see what you mean … excellent, thank you! And yes, as you say, there are 110 and not 111 like I posted earlier.