HSO content location

I just installed the demo HSO which came with my cubase 6 purchase
I now have a stand alone HSo app
When I try to locate the content of the files through options I have the option to select a .hsb file
In the folder of the Hso content there are only .vstsound files

When I start it up as an virtual instrument in cubase I have the same problem.

How do I have to go on playing this HSO ?



I have also installed the demo of Halion Sonic too and added this as VST instrument in Cubase and a midi track in Cubase is there
In Halion Sonic in Cubase you see : All Instrument Sets–> Halion Sonic factory Content is there!
Perhaps you must in the media bay add a attribute column for : Library Name ? and how about the right path?

Note: as you loaded the Halion Symphonic Orchestra --> seems to be not working in Halion Sonic ?–> works in th e included Halion Sonic SE in Cubase 6.5

Thanks Janamdo
I have it sorted out
I installed the HSO first withouit the Halion sonic ; that gave me a standalone player and a plugin in vst instruments - both not working.???

I reinstalled - first Halion Sonic and then HSO
I had to add it manually in de mediabay - HSO creates a seperate folder in your : appdata/roaming/steinberg/content/halion/vst-sound folder