HSO could not found any samples...

P’tit lu all…

I just bought HSO and I experiment a strange issue.
I installed a TRIAL version from 2 DVD-ROM shipped with my old Cubase 5.
After some tests, I decided to buy the license. After authorize them, I can use it in Cubase Pro 8 via Instrument Track or in HALion Sonic SE VSTi without any problem.
But, if I try to use it in StandAlone mode, I can’t load any program and HSO display the following message:

Some audio file(s) could not be found (165 samples).
The content file seems to be broken.

Where number of samples varied with program that I choose.

If I take a look to my Instal Folder, I just see 26 *.vstsound files in the “…\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound\VST Sound - HSO” for a total weight of 6.1Go. But in the specs, it’s told we need 27Go of free space on the HDD. Also, manual PDF talk about “The enormous 27GB library”.

As I seen in this topic, SteveInChicago tell to download the trial version from Steinberg website. But this trial is 5.6Gb in ZIP format, and turn to 6.27Gb after decompressing.

So I don’t know what I made false. :frowning:

Thanks for help…

I’d like to have a small answer Mister Charlie!! Please… I fear I downloaded the wrong archive, but I don’t see another one…

Post a support form requesting support, this way you’ll get your answer. You need to have a mysteinberg account for this.

Though I always believed that the library was about 6,5 GB, mine version is 6,5GB, but then again I haven’t loaded it fro a while…

SO if you get an answer from Charlie let us know as I’m interested in this thing!

The difference between versions is explained here:


That is done few days before posting here. No answers as usually since many years… :blush: :angry:

Nice job, thank you TP.
I go share that info on some French forums.

That is done few days before posting here. No answers as usually since many years… > :blush: > > :angry: >

Sorry to hear that, I’ve had similar experience but got an answer within 3 weeks or so…so there is hope…you only need a long breath :slight_smile:

I fear about that.
The problem is, many years ago, Steinberg France was incredibly reacting. I remember many issues answered in the hour by a simple phone call. If SF team can’t answer immediately by phone they answered about 1 or 2 opened days by mail or phone.
Since Yamaha was in, it’s a shame…

Some other forum members here and I are admins on the oldest Cubase’s French users website with many mailing-lists. Between 2000 and 2010, many guys from Steinberg France staff was on the edge in those M-L and we was one of the best community for helping users. Now, they all gone away and we just have to help us by ourselves.

That was better before…

It’s shocking to see how well AVID forums are moderated, they also open a support ticket when you enter a question on their forums, I notcied this when trying to get Protools First to start a new project for almost 2 months. When it started to work I ditched it again as you can only use marketplace plugins while having a whole bunch of official paid AAX plugins :frowning: